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Windsor St, Sarival Village, Goodyear, AZ

Stephen and Elisabeth were relocating out of state. They didn't have much time to mess around. Within 10 days of listing their home on the market, we had MULTIPLE OFFERS. The property sold for $2,000 ABOVE LIST PRICE.

Papago St, Estrella Vista, Goodyear, AZ

Mike owned this property as a rental property for about 8 years. He wanted to cash out of his investment and get out of the landlord business. We were happy to present Mike with MULTIPLE OFFERS in only 8 days on the market. The property sold for only $1,000 below list price.

Primrose Dr, Westwind, Avondale, AZ

Seth and Brianne had to relocate out of state. It was important to them that the property be sold BEFORE they had to move. Their home sold in only 13 days on the market... oh... and it sold for $3,000 ABOVE LIST PRICE

16th Way, Cove at North Canyon, Phoenix, AZ

Brendon and Elana were transferring out of state with their employers. They needed to sell fast, but also wanted to maximize their profit at closing. They came to the right Real Estate Agency!! Their home sold for List Price in only 5 days!

Watkins St, Cottonflower, Goodyear, AZ

Mark and Queen needed to up-size to a larger home. It was important to maximize their profit at closing, while also selling their home quickly. Their home sold in only 2 DAYS! And it sold for $2,500 OVER LIST PRICE!

San Miguel Ave, Dreaming Summit, Litchfield Park, AZ

Darryl and Lexi purchased this home as an investment. They waited for just the right time to sell it. It sold for 96% of List Price within 6 days of listing it on the market.

Rio Vista Ln, Canyon Trails, Goodyear, AZ

Sarah needed to downsize. In order to achieve her goals, she needed to sell for the highest price possible. She was thrilled when we presented her with MULTIPLE OFFERS after only 4 days on the market. SOLD FOR LIST PRICE.

Morning Glory St, Wildflower Ranch, Goodyear, AZ

Doug and Anne owned this property as an rental property. They wanted to be done with the landlord business and decided to sell. This home had MULTIPLE OFFERS in only 2 days on the Market and SOLD for $2,000 OVER LIST PRICE

Latham St, Canyon Trails, Goodyear, AZ

Kent relocated and owned this property as a 2nd home. When it was time to sell, he call us! In only 3 days on the market, we were proud to present him with MULTIPLE OFFERS! SOLD FOR LIST PRICE!

173rd Ave, Cottonflower, Goodyear, AZ

Paul and Luella owned this home as a seasonal residence for 12 years. When the time came to sell, they contacted Keene Properties, LLC. This home SOLD FOR LIST PRICE in only 4 days

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